1250-1600 Single Twist Cabling Machine

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The Single Twist Cabling Machine is the ultimate solution when it comes to cable processing machinery. It utilizes advanced technology to provide a reliable and efficient solution for any production line, whether dealing with simple or complex cable structures.

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Stranded 1250-1600 Single Twist Cabling Machine

✧ Advanced Technology

The Single Twist Cabling Machine is designed based on advanced technology to provide a highly accurate and efficient production process. It is equipped with modern software that allows for advanced operation and monitoring, making it easy to control and optimize the machines' performance.

Our cutting-edge technology allows for a highly accurate and consistent process while minimizing any errors. It can process a wide range of cable structures efficiently, ensuring an uninterrupted production process.

✧ High-performance Capabilities

The Single Twist Cabling Machine boasts high-performance capabilities, providing maximum productivity with minimal downtime. The powerful motor and advanced control system allow for high-speed operation, ensuring that production quotas are met on time and within budget.

Our machines are designed to meet the highest quality standards, with accurate and consistent results every time. The high capacity of our machines can handle large batches of cables with high-speed production, making it an asset for any industry.

Stranded 1250-1600 Single Twist Cabling Machine
High speed and stable 1250-1600 Single Twist Cabling Machine

✧ Multifunctional Design

The Single Twist Cabling Machine's multifunctional design enables it to handle a wide range of cable structures. It can process cables of various lengths diameter and complexity, providing flexibility to handle different production needs.

Our machines are designed with a simple and intuitive user interface, making them easy to operate even for less experienced operators. They have flexible adjustment options that allow operators to meet various customer demands quickly.

✧ Reliability

The Single Twist Cabling Machine is designed to be highly reliable, ensuring that downtime is minimized. Our machines withstand the ongoing high-speed operation, with low maintenance requirements, ensuring smooth production.

Our machines built using high-quality materials to withstand the toughest production environments. With the high-quality components used in the machine's manufacturing, it guarantees you reliable and robust equipment that will stand the test of time.

Numerical multi-strand 1250-1600 Single Twist Cabling Machine
Wrap Mylar 1250-1600 Single Twist Cabling Machine

✧ Conclusion

The Single Twist Cabling Machine is the ultimate solution for industries looking to streamline their cable processing. It is a highly advanced and efficient machine designed for high productivity, flexibility, consistency, and reliability.

Investing in the Single Twist Cabling Machine will ensure an uninterrupted production process, efficient cost management, and consistent and high-quality products. With our machines, you can be sure that you are working with a top industry solution that will provide value for years to come.

Technical Specifications




Wire product of strand

Communication cable

Computer、Instrument cable、Shielding cable

Contyol & Power cable、Fine copper wire standing

φ Finish stranded [mm]



φ Wire individual[mm]



Rotor speed[rpm]



Line speed[M/min]



Pitch [mm]




1. Digitally set twist pitch and automatic calculation and correction, no take-up pulley design, direct take-up and take-off function by the take-up shaft

2. The winding shaft is driven by an independent motor, and the wires are arranged by shafts.

3. Center taping machine, power feeder stand, back twist feeder stand.

4. Pitch setting by programmable PLC.Then strand wire wound on spool bobbin without capstans

5. Main motor and spool motor are synchronous controlled by control system,the bobbin loadingarbor traverse stself to wind the wire on reel.

6. Concentric type tapping unit/ motorized pay-off stand/ back-twist pay-off stand.








Boring Mill

Boring Mill



Finished Product

Finished Product


Q: Do you provide installation and commissioning?

A: Yes, we do the following:

-Once the customer informs us that the machine is placed in the correct position, we will send mechanical and electrical engineers to start the machine.

-No-load test: After the machine is completely installed, we first carry out the no-load test.

-Load test: Usually we can produce three different wires for load test.

Q: How do you check before delivery?

A: We will conduct dynamic balance test, levelness test, noise test, etc. In the production process.

After the completion of production, we usually carry out no-load operation on each machine before delivery. Welcome customers to visit.

Q: Can the color of the device be customized?

A: We have an international universal color card RAL color card. You just need to tell us the color number. You can customize your machine to match the color matching of your factory.

Q: Can you customize it in the main factory?

Answer: Of course, this is our purpose. According to the standards that your cable should follow and your expected productivity, we will design all the equipment, molds, accessories, personnel, inputs and required materials to make documents for you.

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